FAQ for Developers

  1. What coding style do you use?

    We follow PEP 8 coding style with type-hint. We use flake8 to do the lint. Single quotes are preferred coding style for string notation. F-strings are the preferred string formatting syntax.

  2. What is the difference between extra-requirements.txt and requirements.txt? Should I add new dependencies to requirements.txt?

    Jina only requires very few dependencies as described in setup.py. Please keep the content empty (with a .) in requirements.txt, so that pip won’t get confused when installing the dependencies.

    extra-requirements.txt is the executor-specific dependency which Jina does not require but some certain executors do. They are collected here so that one can cherry-pick the dependencies via pip install "jina[xyz]".

    More information about this trick can be found in this blog post .