Welcome to Jina!

Jina is a deep learning-powered search framework for building cross-/multi-modal search systems (e.g. text, images, video, audio) on the cloud.

Documentation types

Each of the four Jina products has the following documentation types.

  • Introduction: New to a Jina product? Check out the Introduction pages. They contain an introduction to the main concepts and links to additional tutorial.

  • Installation: How to install the corresponding Jina product.

  • Developer Guides: Provides hands-on tutorials and in-depth information on features and implementations usecases.

  • API References: Contains a detailed description of the product APIs. The reference describes how the methods work and which parameters can be used.

Jina Products

  • Jina Core: is the open-source neural search framework, it allows you to build search systems for any kind of data.

  • Jina Dashboard: is a low-code monitoring and management environment for Jina. With the Dashboard you can build Jina Flows, manage them from a central location and get insights into the health of the Flows.

  • Jina Hub: is a centralized registry, where you can share and discover custom and community driven Jina Pods tailored to specific use cases of neural search.

  • Jina Box: is a light-weight, highly customizable JavaScript based front-end search interface.