Executor YAML Syntax

All executors defined in jina.executors can be loaded from a YAML config via jina.executors.BaseExecutor.load_config() or via the CLI jina pod --uses.

The executor YAML config follows the syntax below.

  index_filename: doc.gzip
metas:  # <- metas defined in :mod`jina.executors.metas`
  name: doc_indexer  # a customized name
  workspace: $TEST_WORKDIR

The class of the executor, can be any class inherited from jina.executors.BaseExecutor. Note that it must starts with ! to tell the YAML parser that the section below is describing this class.


A list of arguments in the __init__() function of this executor. One can use environment variables here to expand the variables.


A list of meta arguments defined in jina.executors.metas.

If an executor has no __init__() or __init__() requires no arguments, then one do not need to write with at all.

In the minimum case, if you don’t want to specify any with and metas, you can simply write:

# encoder.yml

Or even not using this YAML but simply write:

import jina.executors.BaseExecutor

a = BaseExecutor.load_config('AwesomeExecutor')